Folding sliding systems / Bi-fold doors

Style meets security, elegance meets durability

Folding sliding systems / Bi-fold doors

Go far beyond the sense of security

Schüco bi-fold doors balance style with security and elegance with durability. Our smooth-running, stainless steel roller system allows you to move vents up to 3 m in height and 100 kg in weight effortlessly. They can be stacked inwards or outwards, offering exceptional versatility, while outstanding insulation and custom-made, weathertight gaskets make sure your home stays warm and cosy. A high proportion of glass to frame seamlessly connects the inside to outside, bringing more light into your home, all year round.

The folding sliding doors from Schüco and Jansen allow glass walls to be opened almost completely and are therefore a real space saver. The individual elements can be quickly and easily folded into narrow packages. The filigree aluminum or steel profiles ensure narrow face widths and result in robust, resistant folding walls. Folding sliding doors can be used flexibly and can be used both as room dividers and for outdoor facilities.

Style meets security, elegance meets durability

Maximum security Narrow face widths and a concealed outer frame
Comfort and durability Noiselessly on corrosion-free stainless steel rails
Maximum space Space-saving construction

Folding sliding systems / Bi-fold doors

Glass walls opening almost completely!

Schüco ASS 70 FD

Different requirements can be implemented optionally with thermal insulated or uninsulated folding sliding systems. An optional flat threshold allows barrier-free access, for example, to salesrooms.
A tilt & turn window vent in blind frame-mounted folding leaf provides additional comfort.

  • Opening variant with 90 ° corner
  • Including flat, thermally insulated floor threshold
  • Additional design option: elegant design magnetic lock with matching flat door handle
  • Integrated building subsidence profile for system-side compensation of ceiling deflections
  • Smooth, comfortable operation
  • Convincing solution for commercial properties and upscale residential construction

The folding sliding system ASS 80 FD.HI is unique on the market. It meets the current requirements (status 2014) with Uw-values < 1.3 W/(m²K). Narrow face widths and wide variety of types, foldable elements optionally to the right, left, inside or outside foldable make it a convincing solution for upscale housing and restaurants, hotel facilities or showrooms (properties).

Schüco ASS 80 FD.HI is extremely easy to operate and is often used mainly for this reason.

  • Compliant with current requirements / Uw values ​​<1.3 W / (m²K); Status 2014
  • Narrow views and a large variety of types - elements that can be folded to the right, left, inside or outside
  • Ideal for upscale residential construction as well as for restaurants, hotel complexes or showrooms (commercial properties)
  • Extremely easy to use
Janisol Folding Wall

The Janisol folding wall is based on the thermally insulated system Janisol and can be used flexibly. It can be used as a room divider as well as in outdoor facilities. The proven system – developed newly for flexible openings – can be used optionally for outwards or inward opening needs. Elegant steel profiles and narrow face widths provide tough, resilient and durable stable folding walls.​

  • Folding sashes made of steel with welded frames result in resistant and permanently stable folding walls
  • The narrowest profile face widths ensure maximum transparency
  • Can be used either as an outdoor facility or as a room divider
  • 2- to 6-leaf easily operated manually
  • Quiet in operation
  • Leaf heights up to 3000 mm


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