December 2, 2020

Newbuild, renovation or refurbishment?

Taking the step to owning your own property is a decision which must be considered carefully. Because when looking for your own home the question often pops up:  Newbuild or renovation?  Both versions have pros and cons. A newbuild has a particular advantage in terms of custom design and equipment of rooms. In contrast to modernising existing properties, no compromises are needed here. The building can be adapted to the exact requirements of the building owner. The important thing is to have a reliable partner with expertise such as AluKönigStahl at your side.

But individual wishes can also be considered when renovating and refurbishing: Non load-bearing walls can be removed, in order to enable an open room design, bathrooms can easily be refurbished or replaced, windows and doors can be renewed. The implementation of elements which give a contemporary look (keyword: Smart Home), can be considerably more difficult in old buildings.

Sustainability also plays an ever more important role. In renovation projects, windows and doors most often be completely replaced, in order to sufficiently insulate the house. If aluminium doors and windows are replaced, at least these are recyclable and therefore provide an interesting alternative to wood and plastic components.

Refurbishment or newbuild – a question of budget!

The cost is also a major topic in the decision. A refurbishment is often worthwhile if only windows and doors need to be replaced. Refurbishment really can be more cost-effective for newbuild – e.g. if the renovation is done bit by bit and as and when financial means are available. You often save initial costs, such as the garden design, the block paving drive or the new garage. If the building is listed, or if energy efficiency is especially important during the financing, the owner also has the option to receive state subsidies.

Best practice example: a successful refurbishment project

An unusual approach led architect and building owner Erika Werres to an holistic design concept for a modernised family residence. Using the carefully selected surface coating of the profiles of the system windows from AluKönigStahl and Partner Schüco, she developed ideas for colours and materials for almost all visible surfaces. The result is a harmonious overall concept, which brings the beautiful elements of the original building into the new and modernised house:





All pros and cons compared

Whether newbuild or refurbishment, both have their own obvious advantages and disadvantages. At the end here you can see in which aspects each type of project gains an advantage:

Properties Newbuild Refurbishment
Customised room design +++Very good possibilities +Possibilities is not as good
Contemporary design +++Very good possibilities ++Only possible to a limited extent
Innovative fit-out +++Very good integration options +Hardly possible to integrate
Initial costs +++High +Low
Overall costs +++High ++Moderate
Incentives ++State home building incentive +++State incentives to promote refurbishment projects