Sliding Doors

For light, airy rooms which open out into nature


Create rooms which are flooded with light and open out into nature

Highly thermally insulated sliding doors made from aluminium create new spaces. Who wouldn’t want to extend their office or living space at the turn of a handle? Non-insulated sliding doors from Schüco offer a wide range of new design concepts for use indoors. The system allows different constructions to be be combined seamlessly thanks to its design.

Schüco doors marry elegant style with effortless performance. Be it a sliding or bifold door, slender profiles and large-scale glazing create rooms that are flooded with light – whatever your style.

Schüco doors are also built to be durable, combining the strength needed to keep your home safe and warm with meticulous design that allows you to open and close them with the lightest touch.


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Maximum transparency with narrow face widths & a concealed outer frame

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Best thermal and sound insulation and security in a burglar-resistant manner

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Robust, resistant folding walls

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A combination of sliding doors and tilt and turn windows - extremely easy to use

Sliding doors



Smooth, quiet and energy-efficient

Raw steel (can be refined)

Extra solid, industrial look

Galvanized steel (can be refined)

Strong, durable, stylish

Let the space be filled with light

Sliding doors

Villa Zvizdan - Finger House

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