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Schüco AF 500 ECO – the intelligent combination of cutting and machining.

With its 6-sided machining capability, the Schüco MFM AF 500 ECO is a highly efficient machine tool which brings together cutting and machining. The Schüco AF 500 ECO has been specially developed for machining window, door, facade, sliding and special profiles in aluminium.
The comprehensive machining capability makes virtually any metal processing task straightforward.
The safeguarding of the machine with bumpers allows easy and ergonomic loading and unloading without additional safety devices such as safety fences, step protection mats etc. This allows the greatest possible degree of flexibility.
Schüco AF 500 ECO has a Predictive Maintenance Function. Thanks to integrated vibration measurement, diagnostics are available at all times for all important elements of the machine, especially worn tools.
The SchüCam control software uses the SchüCal|JaniSOFT software data 1:1 and thus significantly reduces the time required for the preparation and manufacture of profiles.

Special features

Schüco AF 500 ECO works based on an innovative environmental concept. Thanks to energy recovery, the machine is particularly sustainable in operation. Its reduced energy requirement and the time savings resulting from combined cutting and machining in a single machine create economic advantages in manufacturing.

  • Cutting and machining on a single machine
  • 6-sided machining of aluminium profiles
  • Machining length of profiles up to 7,850 mm
  • Pre-head machining of the profiles up to max. 7,300 mm possible
  • Powerful 12 kW motor with 15.2 Nm torque
  • Exceptionally high machining speed
  • Low space requirement due to special bumpers on the machine
  • Controllable with SchüCam via SchüCal|JaniSOFT
  • Comfort control panel with TFT colour display

Technical Information

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CAD Details

You can download the CAD data (DWG / DXF) of our profile contours in a complete series (ZIP). In these ZIP files, the profiles are sorted into subdirectories according to their use.

You can find specific terms about intersection drawings of AluKönigStahl, on our AKS Tech Doc. Intersection drawings of Jansen can directly be found in the respective catalogue on “AKS TechDoc”.

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