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Schüco e-opener – motorization of Schüco locks in single-locking systems

Schüco e-openers are positioned opposite the lock latches, holding these securely while remaining hidden.
Schüco e-openers are controlled electronically and can be unlocked at the simple touch of a button. This releases the doors.
Schüco e-openers only impact the lock latch.
The bolt is separate – if the bolt is locked, the door will remain closed and cannot be opened even if the e-opener has been released.
Schüco e-opener functions
– Operating current mode
The door is locked without power/electricity. It can be opened once contact has been made.  If there is a power cut, the door will remain locked. Schüco e-openers with working current can be operated using alternating or direct voltage power. Alternating current comes with an audible buzz.
Direct current is silent. Some DC e-openers contain a signal processor that creates a kind of impulse power from the direct current, meaning that the DC e-opener opens almost as reliably as an AC e-opener.
– Static current function
The door is locked when the power is on. Without power, it can be opened. If there is a power cut, the door will remain unlocked.
Schüco e-openers with closed current power can only be operated with direct current.

Special feature

Please always ask about additional Schüco e-opener functions separately and in advance. Special orders are possible.

  • Schüco e-opener for convenient access doors (only recommended internally)
  • Schüco e-openers are installed opposite the lock striker plate, completely hidden
  • Additional functions:

– Mechanical release (handle)

– With stop (stops until opened at least once)

– With feedback

– With diode

– 100% duty cycle

– Sound insulation

– Reinforced spring action

– Other nominal voltage

– Operating current (standard) or static current mode

  • Simple, convenient cabling

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