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Schüco Firestop ADS 90 FR 30Product List


Excellent design combined with proven fire protection for 30 minutes of fire resistance

The Schüco FireStop ADS 90 FR 30 fire door is part of the Schüco FireStop system platform and offers an attractive fire door and wall range, tested in accordance with EN 1634/EN 1364 and DIN 4102 for 30 minutes of fire resistance.

The thermally broken fire-resistant construction with a basic depth of 90 mm is distinguished by its unique elegance: extremely narrow profile face widths allow for the greatest possible transparency, while integrated closers and concealed door hinges impress with their minimalist design. The versatile design options also allow the use of glass or panel infills.

The other strengths of the door system include high flexibility and efficiency in terms of design, fabrication and installation: fittings and locks can be easily inserted in the aluminium system, for example without the need for prior machining, and covered with a simple functional make-up piece. The open-rebate profile geometry also enables subsequent changes in application while the building is in use, while still maintaining its approval for fire-protection. The inter-compatible system can therefore be upgraded quickly and economically with additional electrical components, and be functionally enhanced in a variety of ways.

The pioneering aluminium door system offers specifiers, architects and fabricators new flexibility when it comes to reliably adhering to building regulations – with a range of designs to meet the highest requirements.

  • Concealed fittings: attractive combination of fire protection and stylish design can be achieved
  • New dimensions in terms of size and transparency: door types with large clear opening dimensions
  • Freely accessible door types without the use of lock technology are possible (observe country-specific approvals)
  • Tested fixed glazing in both portrait and landscape format also possible in combination with doors
  • Simple and flexible changes in use while the building is still in operation, e.g. switching from single to multi-point locking or subsequent installation of electric strikes
  • Doors can be designed with frame extensions

Technical Information

System basic depth in mm
Min. face width in mm
Max. height in mm
Max. width in mm
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness in mm
Fire protection
F30, T30, EI30
Smoke protection
Max. sound reduction Rwp
45 dB(A)
Cad Details
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CAD Details

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