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Innovative lift-and-slide system – highest requirements combined with economical fabrication

The new lift-and-slide system from Schüco combines maximum fabrication and installation efficiency with the highest standards of comfort and design.

The innovative Schüco LivIngSlide lift-and-slide system has been designed on the basis of the Schüco LivIng system dimensions, as the basic depth of the vent frame is 82 mm. This compatibility of the systems offers access to a wide range of accessory profiles, such as glazing beads and other glazing accessories. The uniform system dimensions ensure simple and flexible planning as well as the implementation of attachment options. The significant reduction in the number of parts minimises the work and costs required for storage.

The new lift-and-slide system also offers a range of construction benefits, for example, the steel reinforcements in the vent frame as closed rectangular tubes. This significantly increases the design’s stability and allows large units with vent weights up to 400 kg to be constructed.

A particular highlight of Schüco LivIngSlide: the factory-rolled, weldable EPDM glazing gaskets in the vent frame. They ensure soft inner corners even after the welding process and thereby optimum weathertightness in this area. Continuous sealing on several levels between the vent and frame trim also reliably prevents draughts and the build up of condensation. In order to prevent sloping roller carriages, a roller carriage support is used to ensure secure centring and fixing.

Another strength of the new lift-and-slide system is its attractive appearance. The flush design avoids the typical gaps in the fixed field and creates a modern, streamlined appearance which is also easy to clean. The narrow centre joint guarantees maximum light penetration. Schüco LivIngSlide offers a wide variety of design options thanks to its incorporation in the Schüco colour range.

  • Thermally broken threshold and thermally broken frame trim reinforcing profiles made from aluminium: outstanding thermal insulation and isothermal flows
  • Innovative, durable EPDM rubber gaskets: optimum functional performance and weathertightness
  • Low frame trim depth of 194 mm facilitates use in newbuilds and renovations
  • Large selection of unit options with fixed and moveable vent frames
  • Optional: Panorama glazing for fixed field
  • Particularly flat threshold for comfortable entry and exit
  • Wide range for colour design: external aluminium cover caps, exclusive Schüco AutomotiveFinish surface-finish technology and Schüco UnlimitedFinish PVC foils
  • Delivery includes Schüco lift-and-slide fittings all from a single supplier

Technical Information

System basic depth in mm
Max. vent width in mm
Max. vent hight in mm
Max. vent weight in kg
Min. face width in mm
Max. glass/panel thickness in m
Uf value of frame (≥)
1.3 W/(m²·K)
Burglar resistance
Up to RC2
Max. sound reduction Rwp
45 dB(A)
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