Donau-City Tower I

System Features

Type of building
Office- and administration building
Special construction
Donau-City-Straße 7 1220 Vienna Austria
Completion date
Dominique Perrault
Specialist company
Strabag Metallica GmbH
Picture credits

Built in the fall of 2013, the DC Tower 1 is not only the highest building in Austria at 250 m, but is also a fascinating, modern city landmark. From the ground floor to the tip of the antenna, it measures 250 m. In comparison: the Stephan’s Cathedral is 137 m high. The DC Tower also exceeds the height of the neighboring high-rises in Vienna’s Donaucity (Ares-Tower: 100 m, Tech-Gate-Tower: 75 m) by quite a bit. With its „one quarter of a kilometer height”, the Tower is – at least for now – one of the 10 highest (completed) buildings in Europe.
​The glass façade of the DC Towers 1 is constructed of approximately 40,000 square meters of single-layer façade, consisting of two different types of façade. Façade type 01 is utilized on three sides of the building and has straight/flat surfaces. Façade type 02 is only used on one side of the high-rise. This particular type of façade is technically very demanding since the surface consists of 5.6 mm-wide strips of façade which are angled towards the outside/inside at alternating angles of 1.9°, 3.8°, and 5.7°.
The DC Tower combines architectural and aesthetic with the most modern „green” building methods and functionality. It was one of the first Austrian office towers to be built and furnished in accordance with the energy and sustainability requirements for a “Green Building” as established by the European Union commission. In early 2015, the certification as a “Green Building” in accordance with LEED© was finalized.​The DC Tower was awarded platinum certification, the highest level possible. (Source:​​