Blast resistance combined with all the advantages of standard Schüco door systems

The blast-resistant Schüco ADS 90 XR (Explosion-Resistant) door system, which has been arena air-blast tested in accordance with ISO 16933, combines high security with modern architecture. The system concept allows single and double-leaf outward-opening door solutions to be designed with blast-resistant properties.

The aluminium door constructions are thus suitable for a wide variety of applications. This includes military requirements as well as high-security areas such as petrochemical plants, banks and embassies.

The blast-resistant design meets all the requirements of normal doors with regard to thermal insulation, sound reduction and weathertightness and is visually indistinguishable from standard Schüco doors.

A further benefit of the system is the wide range of installation positions: fixed wall units can be constructed, as can combinations with blast-resistant Schüco façade systems.

For security reasons, fabricators require special approval to construct this door system.