The Schüco AWS 120 CC.SI (Composite Construction Super Insulation) composite window system together with integrated Schüco CCB (Concealed Composite Blind) sun shading system is an optimised complete system for energy-efficient building envelopes. It offers passive house-certified thermal insulation and sun shading, glare protection and screening with clear views outside, all of which can be used in any weather. With a barely visible louvre blade stack when the Venetian blind is raised and no light penetrating at the sides when the Venetian blind is lowered, the complete package meets high design requirements with its internal and external appearance. A structural-glazing design is also possible.

If a normal opening function of the units is not required, the integration of the sun shading in fixed lights with inspection vents offers the most efficient solution. This simplified construction only has one inspection vent as the maintenance and cleaning opening, which normally remains locked.

The extensive range of fittings includes a flat rosette and an elegant design cover, which can be removed if necessary. To open the inspection vent, a Schüco standard installation handle is inserted into the rosette. With this economical fixed light version, the installation benefits of the integrated sun shading are retained, as are the high sound reduction values.

Demand-led, energy-efficient ventilation concepts are also possible with an integrated Schüco ventilation system and the Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart mechatronic fitting.