Schüco AWS 90 AC.SI – Natural window ventilation with sound insulation in limited tilt position

Schüco AWS 90 AC.SI is a window system that is especially suitable for buildings in areas subject to noise pollution.
It is an acoustic window solution that, on the one hand, can be fully opened for ventilation and, on the other hand, when opened in limited tilt position, keeps the noise pollution in the building low.
The airflow when the vent is tilted is ensured with prefabricated cassettes in the upper outer frame. The tilt position is held in the sound-insulating position via opening limiters.
Schüco AWS 90 AC.SI can be fully opened to an opening angle of 180° for short cross-ventilation or cleaning, thanks to the concealed Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart system fitting.
Maintenance is easy and is performed by replacing the filter cassettes with the vent open.

Special features

Sensitive rooms, such as bedrooms, offices and children’s rooms facing the street can be naturally ventilated using this window system, without being bothered by traffic noise.

This window offers direct ventilation with high sound insulation at the same time.