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The Schüco CTB sunshade is the first high performance sunshade fully integrated into the façade with extremely high wind stability.

The special slat shape allows maximum sun shading louvers and at the same time optimal transparency for the view to the outside. The Schüco sunshade CTB (Concealed Toughened Blind) is an external sunshade with extremely high wind stability. The electric roll-up curtain made of aluminum profiles allows the view to the outside, while ensuring an optimal heat protection. The anodized slats are available in 6 anodized colors and provide a continuous profile view to the outside. Because of the fine lamellar geometry a special façade look is created that emphasized the design element. The versatile mounting options and the perfect integration into Schüco window and façade systems offer planning security from the beginning. ​

Can be used as an integrated solution in the Schüco façade systems and as a premounted solution before the Schüco façade FW 50+ / FW 60+

Can be used as a patch solution on the Schüco AWS window system and the sliding system ALB 10SF

Heat protection in summer by full shading from a sun elevation height of 20°

Wind stability up to 30 m/s ensures sunscreen even on windy days of sunshine even in tall buildings

Improved visibility by slats contour outwardly convex and inwardly concave. Improves the view from the inside to the outside and makes the view from the outside to inside difficult.

Low grade of surface gloss prevents glare toward inside and outside and allows together with the innovative slat contour the use of very diffused daylight

Technical Information

Sun blind
Motorisable, Controllable, Raised sound insulation (higher than 40 dB), Integrated sunblind, Wind-stable more than 10m/s
Manually switchable, Electric Switchable Wind Control, Solar Control, Light Control
Between 10 m. to 20 m. / sec.
Key figures
Anodizing: -1
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