Universal non-insulated window profile system in steel

The slim lines of the Economy® 50 steel profile window system (basic depth 50mm) produce a clean, elegant look. The non-insulated steel profile series can be used to create window vents in all current types of opening, guaranteeing maximum flexibility in architectural and design planning.

The very narrow but strong steel profiles of the Economy® 50 series can be used to create slimline window constructions of a light appearance. The comprehensive range of fittings for the side hung, turn / tilt, double vent and bottom hung opening types (construction height 58.5mm in each case) cover all individual requirements relating to comfort and security.

The Schüco AWS 50.NI (Non Insulation) aluminium window system for the basic depth of 50 mm offers extensive solutions for a wide range of requirements without the need for thermal insulation as well as specifically for interior construction.

This is based on the combination of functional properties and architectural design freedom in perfectly tailored components, for example, the combination of narrow face widths with concealed fittings for inward and outward-opening windows.

The high level of flexibility of the system enables a variety of uses as a punched opening, ribbon window or in combination with Schüco sliding systems.

An additional benefit for specifiers and architects is that there are a number of different design options for the window system, such as side-hung and turn/tilt vents, double-vent windows or tilt/slide doors. The following opening types are available for outward-opening windows: projected top-hung, turn/tilt, top-hung, side-hung and an innovative double-vent window.

As part of the Schüco AWS system platform, Schüco AWS 50.NI offers a wide range of profiles for attractive window solutions, including corner mullions, structural mullions, symmetrical mullions and asymmetrical mullions.

Ideal for warmer climate zones – non-insulated, multifunctional and efficient

As a non-insulated door system, Schüco ADS 65.NI (Non Insulated) is the system of choice for use in warmer climate zones when versatility, design and efficiency are required. Equipped with various components for security and comfort, the aluminium system can also be used as a multifunctional door, optionally integrated in building security and automation systems.

As a bonus, the door system has a wide range of possible uses and designs, including options for the interior: from side-hung, swing and opposed opening doors to stylish all-glass doors. Design components such as standard and angled glazing beads as well as central glazing additionally offer greater architectural freedom.

Homogeneous security solutions are also ensured thanks to compatibility with Schüco systems: Schüco ADS 65.NI, with its identical face widths, can be seamlessly combined with smoke and fire doors.

Non-insulated smoke protection system with high flexibility

The Schüco FireStop ADS 76.NI SP non-insulated smoke protection door system, with its innovative open rebate single-chamber profile, is based on the Schüco FireStop platform, guaranteeing a high level of flexibility in planning and design.

With a basic depth of 76 mm, the fully tested smoke protection system allows for maximum transparency with extremely narrow face widths in conjunction with a high level of user comfort.

The system also sets new standards in terms of handling during operation: for example the door fittings can be flexibly and easily retrofitted or upgraded at any time without impairing the security function. Converting from single-point to multi-point locking, retrospectively installing burglar-resistant components or other changes in use can be implemented quickly and efficiently thanks to the optimised fixing of fittings in the profile frame.

The fittings components used can be installed almost entirely without tools and machining, enabling efficient and reliable fabrication and installation. Together with the high level of pre-fabrication of the door constructions, this allows significant benefits in terms of cost and maximum flexibility during operation to be achieved.

Schüco Door ADS 65.NI FR 30 for 30 minute fire resistance

The uninsulated door and wall construction Schüco ADS 65.NI FR 30 meets all the requirements of fire resistance classes E30 and EW30.

The basis of fire rated door and wall system Schüco ADS 65.NI FR 30 are highly stable, uninsulated aluminum profiles with a construction depth of 65 mm. The system perfectly combines fire and smoke protection requirements with multifunctional properties: Soundproofing up to 36 dB, anti-panic and Burglary protection rating up to RC 2. This system solution does not require fire protection insulators for door constructions or fixed glazing.

Schüco ADS 65.NI SP (non insulated smoke control) for smoke protected door elements

Schüco ADS 65.NI SP has been tested for single and double leaf doors in accordance with 1634-3. The uninsulated smoke protection system provides specifically for indoor use variable solutions for wall and door constructions including multifunctional doors. The basis of smoke protection system Schüco ADS 65.NI SP are highly stable, uninsulated aluminum profiles with a construction depth of 65 mm. The system perfectly combines the requirements of smoke protection with multifunctional properties: soundproofing, anti-panic, access control and Burglary protection rating up to RC 2. ​

Non-insulated aluminium door system for economical indoor solutions

With narrow face widths and an extremely small basic depth of 50 mm, the Schüco ADS 50.NI (Non Insulation) non-insulated aluminium door system is designed especially for use in interiors. Thanks to its stable construction floor-to-ceiling units can be reliably implemented, guaranteeing a variety of possible uses from door constructions and partition walls to draught lobbies and reception areas.

Another benefit of this tried and tested door system is that it is fully compatible with non-insulated Schüco aluminium window systems.

Non-insulated Panorama Design sliding system for room solutions flooded with light

Even more creative highly transparent sliding systems with large vent formats and narrow face widths can be realised with the Schüco ASS 77 PD.NI (Panorama Design Non-Insulated) sliding system for sophisticated architecture with rooms flooded with light.

The foundation is a double-track outer frame integrated in the building structure which allows for a wide variety of opening types.

The non-insulated sliding system is perfectly suited for use in warm climate zones and for interiors.

​The Schüco Protect glasses combined with Schüco security profile systems guarantee high security. Schüco Protect glasses are tested with Schüco bullet-resistant systems. Schüco glasses and systems form a functionally reliable solution up to resistance class RC 4. Schüco Protect glasses offer with their optimal combination of glass thickness and pane construction highest efficiency against burglary and vandalism. The multifunctional characteristics of protection against sun and heat can be combined project-specifically with bullet and burglary protection. They are available as Optifloat basic glass (F) or as Optiwhite glass (O) with minimized color influences for discerning demands. All glasses can be integrated into alarm systems through glass breakage monitoring.