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Schüco SensTrack wireless – opening and closure monitoring for high security and building management


Schüco SensTrack wireless is a battery-free opening and locking monitoring system.
– Energy self-sufficient, sustainable and maintenance-free
Schüco SensTrack wireless functions without an external energy supply from electricity or batteries. The energy for the data transmission of the locking monitoring is obtained when locking and unlocking the window: The turning movement of the window handle sets the fitting in motion and moves the locking roller in and out of the Schüco SensTrack wireless radio locking piece. The absence of an external power supply makes locking monitoring using Schüco SensTrack wireless particularly sustainable and maintenance-free, as the solution works without batteries or a separate power connection.
– Increased security
Schüco SensTrack wireless detects open windows and, in the event of a break-in, can activate the alarm system integrated in the smart home system directly, for example.
– Energy efficiency
In addition, the sensor reports open windows to networked radiator thermostats on request so that they switch off during ventilation periods.
– Suitable for new build, renovation and retrofitting
Schüco SensTrack wireless can be directly installed and retrofitted in Schüco AWS window systems with Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart fittings. The system component is concealed due to its integration into the hardware groove and is installed in a concealed way. This leaves the window appearance unaffected. In addition, the concealed installation protects against manipulation and access from the outside.

Special feature

The wireless and batteryless radio bolt reliably sends signals about the opening status of the window and can be connected directly to EnOcean-enabled systems. Additional external gateways to KNX systems are also possible. Turning the window handle triggers an EnOcean signal with information about the locking status of the opening element, which is sent wirelessly to the receiving device.​

  • ​Battery-free opening and closing monitoring
  • Maintenance-free and sustainable due to energy-autonomous mode of operation
  • Increased security through location-independent status monitoring of the windows
  • Concealed integrated solution without influencing the window appearance
  • Protected from manipulation and access from outside
  • Suitable for Schüco AWS window systems with Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart fittings
  • EnOcean radio standard: Compatible with popular smart home systems and devices
  • Energy efficiency through the possibility of networking with EnOcean-compatible radiator thermostats
  • Suitable for residential and commercial construction
  • Retrofitting easily feasible

Technical Information

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