Passive house-certified mullion/transom façade for a variety of solutions

Based on pioneering isolator technology, the Schüco FWS 50.SI (Super Insulated) façade system offers highly thermally insulated solutions for designing diverse façades and skylights to passive house level, including optimised fabrication and installation processes.

With its high flexibility and broad system range, the system ensures mullion/transom constructions for the most varied functional and design requirements in high-end residential and commercial projects.

A transparent system solution integrated in the profile for spandrel safety barriers blends in seamlessly and elegantly into the external façade appearance. The required safety barrier loading for floor-to-ceiling opening units and low spandrel heights can be implemented with consistent profile face widths and a continuous profile.

A large selection of pressure plates and façade cover caps as well as the option of being combined with Schüco window, door and sliding systems offer additional ways of designing attractive building envelopes.

In terms of security and user comfort, system-integrated components make sure electrical components such as automated Schüco door or sun shading systems can be easily and reliable integrated.

With the mullion/transom façade, Schüco is once again fulfilling its obligation to create ecologically sustainable products. The system has been awarded the Silver “Cradle-to-Cradle Certified™” sustainability label by the independent C2CPII institute in cooperation with EPEA in Hamburg for its recycling properties and minimum toxin content.

Schüco FWS 50 – Pfosten-Riegel-Fassade für einfache Verarbeitung und hohe Energieeffizienz
​Schüco FWS 50 ist eine Pfosten-Riegel-Konstruktion mit innerer und äußerer Ansichtsbreite von 50 mm. Das Fassadensystem gewährleistet hohe Wärmedämmung durch neue Isolatoren. Schüco FWS 50 ermöglicht transparente Fassadenkonstruktionen mit großdimensionierten Glasflächen. Es stehen Pfosten- und Riegel-Profile mit Bautiefe von 50 bis 250 mm zur Verfügung. Schüco FWS 50 eignet sich für Fassadenbereiche im gehobenen Wohn- und Objektbau.

​Diese Serie ist als Schüco FWS 50.SI auch hochwärmegedämmt (SI … Super Insulation) lieferbar.
Für die von uns empfohlene verdeckt liegende Leitungsführung in der Fassade sind spezielle E-Pfosten und E-Riegel verfügbar.