Panorama Design combined with maximum flexibility and transparency

The thermally insulated Schüco ASE 67 PD (Panorama Design) sliding system allows for flexible solutions that meet the highest demands in terms of ease of use and design; it received the Red Dot Design Award 2019.

The optional level threshold guarantees a seamless transition between inside and outside.

Together with the concealed outer frame integrated in the building structure and the narrow profiles, the versatile sliding systems ensure an architectural design flooded with light which is as transparent as possible.

The pioneering locking mechanism in the interlock section also allows open vent units to be locked.

The puristic design of the Panorama Design sliding system is not only visually eye-catching, but also impresses with its outstanding feel.

Non-insulated Panorama Design sliding system for room solutions flooded with light

Even more creative highly transparent sliding systems with large vent formats and narrow face widths can be realised with the Schüco ASS 77 PD.NI (Panorama Design Non-Insulated) sliding system for sophisticated architecture with rooms flooded with light.

The foundation is a double-track outer frame integrated in the building structure which allows for a wide variety of opening types.

The non-insulated sliding system is perfectly suited for use in warm climate zones and for interiors.

Panorama Design sliding system with vent-height pull grip allows you to experience excellent operating comfort with every touch

The Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI (Panorama Design High Insulated) sliding system is visually appealing and pleasing to touch with a vent-height, integrated pull grip. The Panorama Design system has been further developed and offers optimised ease of use combined with an attractive vent design and maximum transparency.

Further advantages of the highly thermally insulated sliding system include the manual opening types with 90° corner without mullion and with a locking point in the double vent.

An adjustment device for subsequent adjustment of the outer frame is now available for this, whereby the adjustment screws can be reached through the outer frame at any time. This is a great benefit with ceiling deflections, for example.

Highly versatile Panorama Design sliding system for extremely comfortable architectural solutions flooded with light

The best possible flexibility: with optimised system components, the highly thermally insulated Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI (Panorama Design High Insulated) sliding system expands the planning and design possibilities of the Schüco Panorama Design portfolio, which is best suited to luxury homes and large projects with high requirements on functionality and comfort.

An opening 90° corner which can be designed with two further moving vents or two fixed fields brings both architectural freedom and user comfort.

A flat outer frame expands the application options for the sliding system, e.g. in renovations.

The optimised foil attachment and the adjustment device guarantee tailored installation solutions in terms of building expansion and attachment to the building structure.