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Schüco AF UDC 80 (Unitised Dynamic Construction) – unitised facade with sustainable greening
The Schüco AF UDC 80 Green Facade is part of the Cradle to Cradle certified system platform Schüco AF UDC 80 (aluminium unitised façade). The facade greening, which can be implemented specific to the property, offers a high degree of design diversity with different plants and system types. Schüco AF UDC 80 Green Facade has a sustainable positive effect on the environment and the quality of life in cities.
Vertical facade greening has been proven to reduce the inner-city temperature and the heat island effect. The facade greening as part of the Schüco AF UDC 80 facade produces vital oxygen, cleanses the air of pollutants and contributes to improving the urban climate. More green areas on facades beautify the cityscape and significantly increase the quality of life and stay in cities.
Greening the facade also pays off for buildings and their occupants and users: Buildings are protected from the elements such as wind, rain, hail and UV radiation. In addition, the plants efficiently increase heat and sound insulation and provide natural shading.

Special feature

The plants take root and grow in a fleece filled with planting substrate in the green element of the Schüco AF UDC 80 Green Facade.The material is classified as a Class A non-combustible building material for high safety requirements.Other products:Schüco AF UDC 80 frame constructionSchüco AF UDC 80 CV (Concealed Vent) completely concealed sashesSchüco AF UDC 80 SG (Structural Glazing)
  • Green element facade
  • Green, natural shading
  • Beautification of the cityscape
  • Improvement of thermal insulation
  • Can be used in residential and commercial construction
  • Production of oxygen, purification of the air
  • Increased quality of life and stay
  • Invisible irrigation and drainage via integrated system
  • Incombustible plant support material (fleece), classification A
  • Reduction of inner-city temperature and heat-island effect
  • Construction of greened elements possible in all heights and partial areas
  • Protection against weather influences such as wind, rain, hail and UV radiation
  • Reduction of sound propagation into the building and the surroundings
  • Rational planning and processing with a high degree of prefabrication in the workshop

Technical Information

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