Schüco AOC 50 SG TI.SIProduct List


The add-on construction AOC 50 on timber (TI) with best insulation values with the simplest processing

The add-on construction AOC 50 on timber (TI) combines this energy-efficient construction with efficient fabrication and assembly. The system also allows for the design of the façades in Semi Structural Glazing look.

The sealing components without sealant application are used in mullion and transom push-fit for efficient and safe installation. ​


Add-on construction in 50 mm system width on timber for vertical façades and glass roofs

SG solution with high thermal insulation

Double and triple insulation glass easy to use

Three drainage levels for maximum design flexibility

Integration of Schüco AWS 114 as projected top-hung or parallel vent windows

Large surface automated window solutions for standard and RWA

Glass weights up to 810 kg

Glass thickness ranges of 32 mm to 64 mm can be used

Special base profile with a positioning support for timber fabricators


Technical Information

Facades and Skylights Add-on construction
Fall protection
Standard Multi Countour Wood effekt Structural Glazing Semi Structural Glazing
Alu crude (refinementable)
increased sound insulation 38 - 45 dB increased sound insulation more than 45 dB Standard up to 38 dB
Key figures
Thermal insulation Uf in W / m²K of: 0.7 Thermal insulation Uf in W / m²K up to: 1.3 Sound insulation Rw, p in dB of: -1.0 Sound insulation Rw, p in dB up to: -1.0 Powder: all variations Anodizing: all variations Wet paint: all variations Stainless steel look: Possible Airtightness: -1 Watertightness: -1 Shock resistance: -1
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